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We help our clients leverage the technology Google, Facebook, and Amazon use to generate amazing results from their marketing campaigns and maximize their ROI.

We leverage identity resolution and people based omni channel marketing to shift your marketing from demographic and interest targeting to behavioral and intention based machine learning to increase conversions and ROI.

Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine."
Peter Sondergaard - Senior Vice President, Gartner
Machine learning is really the evolution of statistics, and more specifically predictive modeling.
Jason Hunter - CEO, IBM
Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.
Geoffrey Moore - American Management Consultant  & Author
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B2B Marketing Insight

We focus on helping technology and software companies in the b2b space maximize their return on their digital and SEO campaign ad spend by leveraging ID Trax and Smart Trax technologies. 

Peak Profit Academy

We offer online training and coaching programs to help you learn the skills and mindset necessary to move your life and business forward. 

Smart Trax™ and Id Trax™

Smart Trax is an artificial intelligence system that enables you to generate better results from your marketing without spending extra money on your digital marketing or SEO by simply listening to your website visitor needs.

Architects of Abundance

Architects of Abundance is mission is to To lead people worldwide into a growing relationship with our Divine creator to create social and economic changes to our communities on a local and global level. Be the change our children need us to become.





I'm Ken Germann, the CEO and Founder of Peak Profit Global. We are marketing insight and business development consultants that leverage identity resolution, machine learning and behavioral targeting to maximize the ROI our clients invest into their marketing and sales teams. The key to driving more conversions in your marketing is people based omni channel marketing where you start conversations with your prospects on a personal level. We can help any B2B company that earns 5M to 250M a year in revenue that has 5000 or more visitors to their website on a monthly basis. We prefer to work with IT Services, IT Consulting, and Software companies. Book a free demo with us today. 

Schedule Your Free Smart Trax™ and Id Trax™  Demo Today

We believe the easiest way to understand what we do and how we help your business is to see our technology working in real time. We will explain how everything works and how working together can get you up to a 53% increase in profitability and stay 2 or 3 steps ahead of your rivals in the market. 


Main Office

601 heritage dr Suite 423 Jupiter Fl 33458

TEL: +561-448-2144

MAIL: [email protected]

Omni-channel is viewing the experience through the eyes of your customer, orchestrating the experience across all channels so that it is seamless, int

John Bowden

SVP of Customer Care


Peak Profit Global is a Marketing Insight and Business Development Consulting Agency.

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