Sequences to 5 Conclusions to Increase Your Sales, Profits, Client Retention and Life Time Customer Value.

There’s a precise series of conclusions your prospect must determine before they’re ready to purchase from you. You must lead your prospects through these conclusions in the ​NECESSARY order. 


  • The problem always precedes the solution. Never present a solution before a problem.
  • Never present before you know what motivates the prospect.
  • The truth of your value proposition will be of no consequence unless it connects with the desire of the prospects.

These are the ​5 Conclusions​ your Prospects must determine in order to understand and believe that they can win more profits using your agency?

1. Strategy:​ ​A Way to Win 

  • Profit or being the best? Goal is PROFIT
  • Strategy is defined as a way to win…in this case winning is PROFIT 
  • Each market has a finite amount of profits
  • What % of the profits in your marketplace are they currently winning?
  • Do they have a winning strategy, losing strategy or a not winning enough strategy? ● Intro to:
    • 5 Forces every company competes against for PROFITS
    • Aligning Resources in order to compete 

2. 5 Forces of Competition for Profits: ​There are 5 competitive forces every competes against for profits – Until prospects address these forces head on they will continue losing profits: 

If the prospect is losing profits, who is winning them?

  1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Google & Facebook
  2. Direct Competitors: Rivals
  3. Indirect Competitors: Alternatives/Substitutes
  4. Bargaining Power of Buyers: request for more value, lower price or both
  5. Threats of New Entrants

Resource Alignment – Limited resources demands companies focus on prospects who are aware they have a problem…why? Because they’re:

  • The greatest probability for profits
  • Quickest path to profits
  • Best use of resources for profits ○ Largest opportunity for profits

3. Understanding Buyers Journey:​ ​Beating the 5 forces: ​Answers the question: Where do all sales start? All sales start online. 

Buyers Journey: All prospects start the sale online as: URL level navigation, keyword search and content consumption about their problem:

  • Stage #1 – Aware​: ​Do I have a problem?
  • Stage #2 – Define Problem: How big is my problem?
  • Stage #3 – Consider Options: How can I solve my problem? 

All prospects visit a companies website before they purchase from them, seeking answers about solutions:

  • Stage #4 – Evaluate Solutions: Which solution is best?
  • Stage #5 – Justify Decision: Is this really worth doing?
  • Stage #6 – Final selection: What are the terms? 

We target prospects at every level of the Buyers Journey

  • InMarket Targeting​: Propects who are actively researching a purchase of what your client sells…they’re in every stage of the Buyers Journey…especially the first 9frame control)
  • InFunnel Leads​: Prospects who are InMarket and have visited a companies website considering and preparing to buy from your client.
  • Google/Facebook Look-alike Match Targeting: ​The 2 biggest sources for traffic use relevance engines and any company can profit if they know how to leverage them: InMarket Targeting & InFunnel Leads. 

4. 2 Must haves in order to win Sales and Profits: At the precise moment when a prospect is ready to tender a ‘YES’ and make a purchase the company must be there at that exact moment with the following 2 things:

  1. Company is in a relationship ​having earned the trust of that prospect
  2. At the top of mind:​ You have seen 100 ads in the last 24 hours, name 1? I have asked that question on sales calls repeatedly to prove the point that prospects FORGET what ads they’ve seen…least of all what was in the ads…use it…IT WORKS. Repetition and Memory are critical to getting conversion.

5. Best Tools to Beat Technological & Economical Forces in order to win Profits: ​OURS. Exponential Growth, IOT(Sensors and Networks) and AI Machine Learning are a company’s secret weapon and greatest opportunity to explode profits by adding new clients, lowering client acquisition costs and growing Lifetime Client Value. We have the best tools and expertise.